Digital Data Vault

Gamanza develops and maintains its proprietary Digital Data Vault also known as a DSD, or simply a SAFE. We call it the “Gamanza Data Vault”…

As iGaming regulations and best practices continue to evolve and the importance of data security and financial reporting increases, many jurisdictions are implementing a statutory requirement for operators to utilise a certified Digital Data Vault. Our product ensures that operators remain compliant and provides a highly secure line of communication for reporting to regulatory bodies.

GLI certified

The Gamanza Data Vault is certified by GLI according to the regulatory requirements in Switzerland. The vault logs all player transactions instantaneously and secures the data under complex encryption and hashing. The data is then sent to the regulator’s servers according to their format requirements.

The Gamanza Data Vault is an integrated service to the GaminGenius™ Platform, but it can also be procured as a standalone product.



Currently applicable for regulatory requirements in Switzerland, other jurisdictions to follow


Every transactional event and data from all suppliers is recorded instantaneously and cannot be manipulated


Automated financial reporting and required data is shared securely with the regulator in real time


Gamanza Data Vault can be integrated with your existing platform and compliance framework