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GaminGenius™ is a high performance iGaming platform that provides absolute convenience in managing daily operations. The operator can procure a turn-key platform solution or alternatively, individual services can be integrated to an existing platform to solve key business issues and add commercial value.

Services include; Cross-channel Player Account Management System, integrated with land-based management systems, adaptable compliance framework to streamline KYC, AML and Responsible Gaming processes, a proprietary Digital Data Vault, tailor-made bonus solution, powerful CRM with business intelligence tools and a Front-End web and app framework with open source CMS.

You can learn more about the Game Store and our Gamification software, which are also part of the GaminGenius™ platform.  Gamanza holds the ISO 27001 certification, which is globally recognised as the highest standard of accreditation for Information Security Management Systems.

iGaming platform
iGaming platform - Single Account

Our Player Account Management System is a reliable cross-channel system that provides a single player account and a seamless link between your retail shops, land-based casinos and online accounts. Each player has a flexible shared wallet across your whole product offering including Casino, Sportsbook, Poker, Bingo, Virtual and more.

Player Management

The intuitive back office admin files detailed player cards with vital information and provides a complete view of player activity and transactional events.

Responsible Gaming

The platform provides a range of controls to protect players, including maximum deposits, session limits, reality checks, self-exclusions and more.

Our proprietary CRM and Business Intelligence tools feature advanced segmentation capabilities and campaign management. Create user groups and business reports with a wide range of parameters.  Use advanced analytics to track player tendencies, create targeted campaigns and delight your players with a personalised experience!

iGaming platform - CRM
business intelligence iGaming
  1. Understand player behaviour, gaming revenues and new trends
  2. Send relevant marketing messages and offers via notifications, email and SMS
  3. Personalise user landing pages and layouts according to preferences
  4. Identify disengaged players as soon as they drop off and take action
  5. Identify players displaying signs of problem gambling and reach out
  6. Set user groups to ‘dynamic mode ’ so that segmentation is always live and up-to-date!
iGaming platform - Bonus Management

Gamanza offers a comprehensive Bonus Management System that provides freedom for the Marketing and CRM functions to trigger a range of bonuses and run campaigns for any content and product vertical. We also develop standalone bespoke solutions to fit a client’s existing platform and overcome any issues associated with legacy systems.

  1. Deliver Sign up, deposit and other bonuses with automatic triggers
  2. Full support for multiple currencies
  3. Offer free games/spins for all content providers that support them
  4. Bonuses can be created for all of your product verticals
  5. Wide range of bonus types with customisable terms and wagering requirements
  6. Comprehensive reporting system
bonus solution iGaming

Gamanza offers a dedicated software module for managing and reporting your compliance and regulatory responsibilities. File required KYC documentation, manage AML processes, conduct player risk management and securely log every single event coming through your operation.

iGaming platform - Compliance
gambling compliance
  1. Multiple configurations – Applicable to different jurisdictions and player locations
  2. Sign Up/Registration – Includes an easy to use interface for KYC document uploads
  3. Risk levels – Set levels based on deposits and withdrawals, bet size, change of limits and more
  4. Daily Notifications – For outstanding documents, increased risk levels and pending tasks
  5. Resolution Centre – Record a history of all customer interactions, issues and resolutions
  6. DSD – Use our proprietary Data Storage Device for real time communication with regulators
iGaming platform - DSD

Gamanza offers iGaming operators its proprietary Digital Data Vault (DSD). This high security digital safe logs all gaming activity and customer transactions, which can be shared with regulators in real time.

High Security

All event and transactional data is recorded instantaneously and stored under complex encryption so it cannot be manipulated.


Streamline communication and reporting to the regulator by providing secure access and an always up-to-date GGR report in real time.

Gamanza has developed a flexible web framework that is responsive across all devices – It also incorporates an open source CMS to compliment our bespoke development services. The framework has been purpose-built for iGaming, refined through client and user feedback in live environments and also optimized to help maximise SEO campaigns.

iGaming platform - Frontend
iGaming frontend development
  1. High speed, reliable and scalable cloud hosting
  2. Open source Content Management System (CMS)
  3. Intelligent search tools for the modern consumer
  4. Dynamic page layouts based on preferences for a personalised UX
  5. Highly competitive consultancy and retainer packages
  6. Bespoke development and support for other services!