Gamification is the application of video game mechanics to the customer experience in order to drive more brand and product engagement. It is successfully used across many consumer led industries and has even been introduced to modern corporate training and eLearning formats. However, Gamification is yet to be fully explored in the iGaming space and instead it’s still radical loss-leader offers and free bonuses that dominate the approach to player acquisition and retention.

Gamanza is leading the way for a whole new approach to building brand identity and Marketing in iGaming. Our fully customisable Gamification software provides a creative and sustainable solution to some of the key challenges that iGaming operators are permanently up against;

Standing out from competition
Player re-activation & retention
Bonus support & management

Gamanza’s Gamification Software offers operators and white-label brands a game-changing solution to all of these issues. Our market leading solution can plug-in to your existing account platform and CRM to open up a world of creative opportunities for your marketing team. Create a customised gamification system with a theme that compliments your brand and add a new layer of entertainment that resonates with the modern consumer. Supercharge your player engagement and retention with all these awesome features!

Gamification includes:

Gamification & Rewards

The gamification features and rewards can be applied across all of your gaming verticals. All player activities from registration and log-in through to any wagering actions (whether win or lose), are simultaneously triggering points, levels, missions and achievements. The rewards and bonuses can be triggered automatically for level up, achievement, mission completion, consistent play etc. And players can earn a branded currency to purchase more rewards and bonuses from the Reward Store. Give players realistic daily objectives and create more value from a wider portion of your player base.

Races & Tournaments!

Operators can setup and administer their own betting tournaments and slot races using Gamanza’s Gamification software. Schedule daily events for any game/s in the casino portfolio, allow punters to earn recognition for their sports betting success and incentivise your players with leaderboards and rewards. Leaderboards can be based on: Win ratio, biggest win, longest odds, most wins and more. Any tournament format can be scheduled to run again automatically at set intervals and rewards are also distributed automatically.

Gamification Software

Success in a fiercely competitive market can be achieved by doing something different and breaking away from the template. The modern punter seeks new challenges, social competition, status and recognition. Our Gamification Software brings it all in abundance, adding a new layer of entertainment to the traditional offering and introducing a social environment that resonates with new audiences. If you are looking for a software provider that can give you an edge, this is our speciality…