The GaminGenius™ Real-time CRM is a highly intuitive, state-of-the art CRM that utilises live player event data to feed your customer knowledge base. Purpose-built for iGaming, the GaminGenius™ Real-time CRM is available as a standalone service, or as part of a turn-key platform solution.

A seamless integration with the other platform services opens the possibility for a personalised user experience. This includes a CRM section inside the “Player Card” of each player to view all campaign activity as a timeline. The integration with the Bonus Engine facilitates communication between both products and improves the execution of marketing campaigns and the integration with the risk service enhances an operator’s ability to detect and prevent problem gambling; outcomes which are not possible to achieve with other CRM products.

The GaminGenius™ Real-time CRM is future-proof and easily scalable as it has been built around the microservices principle using the latest high performance technologies: RabbitMQ, gRPC, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NodeJs and ReactJs.


The GaminGenius™ Real-time CRM allows automated marketing campaigns in real time via email, SMS, Pop-ups and push notifications.


Dynamic and static segments can be created using a wide range of parameters, through a deep integration with other GaminGenius™ services.


Easily manage a library of permanent, periodic or special campaigns that can be “set and forget”, or otherwise triggered by time slots or events.


Dive into rich campaign analytics that provide a comprehensive overview of logins, deposits, claimed bonuses, GGR and more.


Track an individual player’s interactions with a campaign and generate visual insights to their gaming preferences – use this to personalise offers.

VIPs & Risk

Monitor potential VIP and also problematic players in more detail. Define rules, create dashboards, assign specific staff and more.