Innovative Sportsbook Management

Gamanza Sports is a sports betting services provider that uses advanced mathematical models and the latest technologies. Our algorithm driven product creation, risk and margin management and our unique approach to player acquisition and retention are the cornerstones of our sports betting services portfolio.

We are develop adaptable pre-match and live trading models for a wide range of sports based on certain market conditions, as well as bespoke risk management programmes for different countries, or the specific requirements of an operator. Gamanza Sports also develops exciting new betting formats and innovative social betting products that add a new dimension to the sports betting arena.

Enter the Betrix


In our opinion the sports betting industry is still in its infancy and we intend to take it up another level and provide punters with new layers of entertainment. Our experience, capabilities and the passion we have for sports and gaming is driving us to challenge existing products and solutions every day – This is what makes Gamanza Sports such an exciting proposition.


We know the key issues and challenges facing providers and operators, so by combining industry expertise with Gamanza’s cutting edge technology, we deliver the high performance sportsbook of the future! Our platform can be procured as a turn-key sportsbook management solution, or we can integrate individual algorithms and services with your existing platform.

The Team

Having previously held leading roles at Ladbrokes, Bwin and Betgenius, the management team at Gamanza Sports has accumulated decades of experience and been part of some major success stories in the sports betting industry.

Our Experience covers;

  1. P&L responsibility for a 2bn Euro turnover live betting product
  2. Setup and launch of a sports betting product in new territories
  3. Developing complex mathematical models and automated betting products
  4. Developing a B2B trading function that supported over 100 sportsbooks

Product Innovation

Gamanza Sports is made up of a creative bunch of sports betting enthusiasts. This is why we have a natural end-user centric view of what we want to do for the industry. Gamanza has and continues to develop new bet types and innovative products that make a huge impact on player engagement, appeal to a wide audience and fundamentally change the standard approach to acquisition and retention! Check out the Gamification page to learn more about our pioneering work in that field and read on to discover a couple of our exclusive sportsbook products below…

Triple Threat

A white-label free to play jackpot predictor. Each gameweek, users predict 3 results, 3 goal market outcomes & 3 goalscorers. Points are awarded for correct selections, based on the operator’s sportsbook odds. The format is also designed to convert real money bets through personalised offers on the confirmation page. Users compete in overall leaderboards and private leagues, whilst earning free bets for good scores and trophies for certain achievements! It’s the all-in-one product for acquisition, re-activation, conversion and retention – Check out a demo at The Accumulator Club!

sports betting tournament network

Tour De BetTM

The world’s first pools betting tournament network! Users can buy-in to participate daily and are given credits to place any bets they like. The daily prize pool is distributed to the users who generate the most winnings after bets are settled. We run monthly leaderboards and a quarterly “major” where the highest 500 users in the rankings qualify to compete over 4 days in a golf inspired cut format and the progressive jackpot is paid out. We believe this is the next big thing – Competition! And we’re creating an arena where sports betting, is a sport! Join the network and bring the tour to your sportsbook.